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Human Resources

Although Ciner Group takes into consideration the successful examples of the sectors it is making business with while developing a strategy, it targets rather to create something different than to imitate them, and to use this process for creation purposes rather than planning purposes. Our predictions for the future focuses on shaping the future in a healthy and correct way. In this context, our basic principle is to achieve success in harmony with our vision and mission and by sticking to our common values developed with contributions from our staff.

Always going for change and innovation, Ciner Group aims to rank as the best of the sectors where it makes business in the world and to fall in step with the present harsh competition.

For this purpose, and considering that training is a must for ensuring its staff to have knowledge in the highest level, to improve their talents in a continuous way, and to follow up and question the technological developments, we attach special importance to plan in-house and external training. Thus the efficiency we achieve in our business activities is much higher than the ones achieved by the other companies in the same sectors to date.

In many fields, Ciner Group employs the most qualified manpower in Turkey. Having a staff specialized in every field ranging from energy and mining to media, is the most important principle of the human resources policy of Ciner Group. Today Ciner Group's manpower consists of learned, qualified and professional individuals who have been specialized in their fields.

Aiming to employ a staff of 50,000 people for undertaking the considerable mission of helping to solve the employment problem in Turkey, Ciner Group will continue to manage its manpower, which was formed thanks to the sound policies applied to date, to create value-added for the Turkish economy.