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About 100% of the shares of the company established on April 4, 1990 were acquired by Park Cam A.Ş., a group company, from "Rio Tinto Minerals Development, Ltd.," an American company, on December 30, 2010.

All of the natural trona reserves in Europe and Middle East are located in the Kazan and Beypazar regions of Ankara, Turkey. Holding 1,650,000,000 tons of trona reserves, the company obtained the operating license for the Kazan region of Ankara, which is sufficient to produce 107,000,000 tons of “soda ash” [final product].

The activities to extract and operate this mine were started. For this purpose, the first test well (3-group) was drilled and a pilot production facility was established. Further investments, which will contribute to the country’s economy, will be completed in the next years and important employment opportunities will be created.

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