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The purpose of Park Tip Sağlik, which was established in the Social Facilities of Park Termik İşletmesi and located within the borders of Çayirhan Municipality, Nallihan District, Ankara Province on October 21, 2002, is to provide healthcare services to Ciner Group employees working in the coal mines and thermal power plant, and the local public.

Park Tip Sağlik aims to meet the healthcare requirements in the region by providing healthcare services to 3,000 employees working in accordance with the “Regulations on Heavy and Hazardous Works” and 10,000–30,000 local persons, including retired employees, and their spouses and children.

Park Tip Sağlik polyclinic has one 6-bed special clinic with emergency intervention and laboratory examination facilities with all required equipment and a fully equipped ambulance. There are 10 healthcare personnel, including 2 specialist physicians and 2 contracted practitioners, in the polyclinic with complete, computerized body tomography equipment.  

Part Tip Sağlik prepared its plans to gather the specialist physicians, healthcare personnel and state-of-the-art equipment and tools based on requirements and developments, and carries out its activities according to these plans.

Contact Information

Head Office
Barış Mah. Zeki Akın Sokak Çayırhan, Nallıhan/ANKARA

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