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In accordance with the contract signed with TKİ on 22.12.1995, Park Teknik produces about 2,500,000 ±20% tons of coal from the underground coal mine in order to provide coal to units 3 and 4 of the Çayırhan Thermal Power Plant. The capacity of being a party to the contract for 15 years was assigned from TKİ to EÜAŞ upon the decision of YPK.

It aims to utilize this mine in Çayırhan efficiently and provide the maximum contribution to the country’s economy by achieving a production capacity of 3 million tons, employing state-of-the-art technology, and receiving professional training from international specialists. With such a capacity, a revolutionary success was achieved in the operation of thermal power plants with coal, and this mining enterprise was included in mining literature as the underground mining enterprise with the highest production rate per capita in the world. Its current production capacity makes it the most efficient enterprise of Europe in the underground mining sector, and thus Park Teknik has opened new horizons in the mining sector and become the largest private organization in the sector.

The Company signed a 10-year contract with TKİ for extracting 5,000,000 tons of coal from the underground mine sites in Tunçbilek-Büyükdüz on 14.10.2004, and started coal production in the region.

Lastly, Park Teknik signed a 25-year contract with EÜAŞ on 02.04.2007 for extracting 431,250,000 tons of coal from an open coal mine at the Çölollar site to provide coal to the Elbistan B Thermal Power Plant, with an installed capacity of 1440 MW. As of August 2009, it began providing coal to EÜAŞ. 17,250,000 tons of coal are produced per year.

With respect to its activities in the energy sector, Park Teknik installed a mobile power plant with a capacity of 52 MW in Esenboğa in 2002. In addition, a project for construction of a wind power plant with a capacity of 235 MW was initiated.

Park Teknik has also undertaken operations of the hydroelectric power plant in Akyazı-Pazarköy for 5 years, according to a contract signed with EÜAŞ.

A total of 700 million USD has been invested until now and an average of 3,200 persons employed.

The company, which is always listed in the 500 Largest Industrial Organizations of Turkey’s Listing of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) every year, was listed as the 98th company in 2010.

Park Teknik is always listed in the list of tax champions of Turkey and it was the 77th company of Turkey in 2010 in the corporate tax area.

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Ankara Yolu Uzeri 3. km Cayirhan, Nallihan-Ankara/TURKIYE

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