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Park Elektrik, 35% of which is publicly traded and listed in the Istanbul Stock Exchange (İMKB), is listed in the “Second 500 Largest Industrial Organizations” list of ISO. The company was the 198th listed. The company was in the "Second 500 Largest Industrial Organizations" list for 2010 and the 4th company among those engaged in the same sector. Park Elektrik is also listed among the tax champions of Turkey.

Coal mining and washing activities, which had been carried out by the company as a subcontractor, were terminated in 2006 and the company purchased the operating license of the copper site in Siirt/Madenköy from Eti Holding A.Ş., with all of its rights and obligations, on January 9, 2004.

The copper concentrator plant with an annual concentrate copper capacity of 110,000 tons was completed in October 2004 for TL 55 million. The company has extracted the copper ore in the region and produced copper concentrate since 2007, produced and exported 37,426 DM/tons of copper concentrate in 2010, and achieved an export volume of USD 45 million.

Park Elektrik exported 80,000 DM/tons of copper concentrate in 2011 and aims at achieving an export volume of USD 120 million. In addition, there are still ongoing investments for increasing its capacity by 50%.

The company has acquired the operating rights for Silopi asphaltite mine by obtaining the operating license from TKİ through a royalty leasing method, which will be valid until 2033. The technical equipment and infrastructure studies required for extracting asphaltite reserves in Silopi have already been completed. The company has provided coal to the Silopi thermal power plant of the group installed in Silopi since 2009.

In addition, the company has also obtained the production license for carrying out production activities in Tarihler HEPP with an installed capacity of 49.9 MWm/47.6 MWe, which will be installed within the borders of Siirt Province, for 49 years. A water gauge station was established on this water source in order to determine the power, and gauging activities are still ongoing. The activities under the Bauxite Mine and Breaking Screening Plant Project at 2 mine sites within the borders of İslahiye District, Gaziantep Province, are still ongoing.

The company has completed its attempts to construct and operate the Natural Gas Power Plant in Ceyhan, Adana, and aims at completing its investments and commissioning this power plant in the next years.

Our company, Park Elektrik, is an example of the opportunity to process the ore sources of our country using private investments and state-of-the-art technologies, and thereby to strengthen the economy of our country, especially in the Southeast Anatolia region, as well as to provide employment opportunities.

Contact Information

Head Office
Paşalimanı Caddesi, No: 41 34670, Paşalimanı - Üsküdar İSTANBUL

Madenköy Şirvan/Siirt

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