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Hopa Port has provided loading and unloading services to about 250 vessels per year since 1997, and has realized about 500,000 tons of loading and unloading services per year.

Coordinates of Hopa Port:
Main Pier = 410 24’ 45” N - 0410 25’ 45” E
Auxiliary Pier = 410 24’ 36” N - 0410 25’ 54” E

Our Loading–Unloading Capacity
Mixed (General Freight): 600,000 tons/year
Bulk (Solid Freight): 1,200,000 tons/year
Bulk (Liquid Freight): 900,000 tons/year
Container: 320,000 tons/year

Our vessel acceptance capacity
Bulk dry cargo vessels: 550 vessel/year
Bulk liquid cargo vessels : 290 vessel/year
Mixed (General Freight Vessels) : 600 vessels/year

Door of the Black Sea Opening to the World

Park Denizcilik, which increased its closed warehouse space from 2,000 m2 to 18,120 m2 and open warehouse space from 54,000 m2 to 72,622 m2 as of the date of privatization, made new investments in high-capacity forklifts, cranes, scales, service vehicles and machinery. The company continues making new investments based on the service requirements.

Silo Facilities: There are 10 (10,000 tons) of steel construction grain warehouses, each with a capacity of 1,000 tons. Each warehouse has an unloading capacity of 2 x 150 tons/h by remote control.

Our liquid loading facilities’ unloading capacity increased to 300 tons/h with additional investments and has achieved a high level with distribution to all CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. Loading Facilities: The total capacity of the 7 fuel oil (liquid freight) storage tanks is 38,000 m3.

Park Denizcilik provides facilities to facilitate incoming cotton distributed from Central Asian countries throughout the world to our port and shipping it to both the domestic market and other countries as indicated by buyer companies.

With ongoing investments in this area, Hopa Port contributes to the economy of the East Black Sea Region and acts as the door of the region to the world.

Contact Information

Head Office
Orta Hopa Mahallesi, Liman Caddesi, Hastane Sokak, No: 11, Hopa/ARTVİN

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