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Ciner Group and Chinese Tianchen Corporation signed a contract of Soda Ash Facility and Electric Production Facility which are in total expected to cost 1.35 billion dolars. With this investment 2200 people will be employed, and a total of 2.7 million tons of soda ash will be produced.

On 11th of January 2013 a signature ceremony has been held with Ciner Group and China Tianchen Engineering Corporation which Minister of Energy Taner Yıldız witnessed.

The scope of the investment is the necessary design, engineering, procurement, supply, erection, installation, construction and commissioning of Process Plant with the production capacity of 2.5 million tons/year Dense Soda Ash and 200.000 tons/year Sodium Bicarbonate; Mining Plant to achieve trona solution required by Process Plant to be operated with solution mining method and Natural Gas fired Cogeneration Plant with an installed capacity of 2x391 MW. 

During the signing ceremony, Ciner Group’s President Turgay Ciner told that he is proud of Kazan Soda investment which will enable Ciner Group to become the largest natural soda ash producer company of the world. With this investment finally a Turkish Industry company will be the number one in its segment in the whole world.

The single largest consumer of soda ash is the glass industry. It is used in melting of sand into glass to help lower the melting temperature of silica. Soda ash is also used in laundry detergents to help clean cloth and fabric softeners to make clothing wearable. It’s also used in fertilizer, pottery, fine china and even in our food. Actually, soda ash is the tenth largest commodity chemical in the world.

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Kazan Soda Electric
Paşalimanı Caddesi No:41, 34670 Paşalimanı-Üsküdar/İstanbul

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