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The second largest Trona (natural soda ash) ore bed in the world is being operated by Eti Soda, which is a company of Ciner Group. "Soda ash" is one of the world’s first ten elements most used in this industry and this mineral provides a significant foreign currency inflow for our country, since 90% of it is being exported.

Beypazarı Trona Bed (natural soda ash), found during coal exploration studies conducted by MTA in 1979, constitutes the second largest reserve in the world, along with the reserves in Kazan (Ankara), and following the reserves in USA-Wyoming. ETİ SODA A.Ş. was founded in 1998 in order to extract and operate the mine and provide it to the economy of the country.

A total of USD 375 million was invested and 1,000 persons employed.

The final product of Beypazarı Trona ore is "heavy soda ash". The main industry which uses heavy soda ash is the glass industry. Soda ash is the second raw material used in production of glass following silica. The next industry that consumes soda is the chemistry industry, and it is also used in many other industries such as in detergent, paper, and aluminum production industries. 90% of the extracted product is being exported.

Eti Soda was commissioned in March 2009 with an opening ceremony attended by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan and the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Hilmi Güler. 1 million tons of soda ash and 100,000 tons of "sodium bicarbonate" for the food sector are produced per year.

Studies for increasing the capacity of the plant by 50%, which currently has a production capacity of 1,100,000 tons as of 2011, were started and aim at producing 1,600,000 tons of production.

Erdoğan: Thank to Ciner Group for giant facility

World's second biggest soda ash facility

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Head Office
Yeşilağaç Mah. Gürağaç Kümeevler No:47/A 06730 Beypazarı/ANKARA

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