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Denmar Depoculuk, which was moved to Artvin/Hopa in 1997 for carrying out warehousing, transportation and trade business under Park Group, started its activities in 1998.

Denmar Depoculuk provides services for warehousing various goods received by Hopa Port, which is owned by Ciner Group, and then shipping such goods by highway and sea.

In addition, Denmar Depoculuk also provides services for transferring scrap hoods imported from foreign countries and received by the warehouse. The company started investments for warehousing soda ash exported by Eti Soda in İzmir / Derince Port and shipping it from İzmit / Derince Port according to a protocol signed, and such investments were completed in 2009 and its operations began. The company ships 1,000,000 tons of soda ash from this port.

Contact Information

Head Office
Orta Hopa Mahallesi, Liman Caddesi, Hastane Sokak, No: 11, Hopa/ARTVİN

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