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Ciner Media Investments decides the purchasing and investments of visual and audial media area decisions of the Group. It aims to maintain the innovative trend of the Group.

The company was established on 12 September 2007 with the purpose of making ready, printing, distributing or engaging another party for print and distribution work, for importing and exporting of all types of periodicals such as newspapers, magazines, books, and brochures with the exception of Radio and TV work and also for the purpose of offering all the printed media related services.

Contact Information

Head Office
Paşalimanı Caddesi No:41, 34670 Paşalimanı-Üsküdar/İSTANBUL

Branch Office
Abdülhakhamit Cad. No: 25 Beyoğlu / İSTANBUL

Branch Office
Sögütözü Caddesi Sim Is Merkezi 14 / D Sögütözü / ANKARA

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